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Azi trece


Tot ce vreau e

Doar să fii

încă o zi

Cum te știu când

Dormi culori

Pe sub nori

Vreau să mă ai în gândul tău

Doar cât te am în minte eu.


Tot ce-avem e

încă viu

Dar nu știu

Cum ne cresc azi

Umbre-n cer

Vin şi pier

Vreau să te-ascund în valuri verzi

fără să uiți nici să te pierzi.


Azi trece ca și când n-ar fi

Ca și cum mă vezi, dar nu mă știi

și-n mine se ascund tăceri

Se răstoarnă-n valuri albe pân’ la cer.




Pleoape de mac


Doi câte doi

Gustăm din noroi,

Smalț amărui de martie-n cui,



Pietrele tac

în degete-sac,

Mal înroșit în pleoape de mac,



Pagini albe adun pierdut

Sunt o carte de-mprumut

Mă citesc, dar nu m-aud

Mă pornesc, dar nu ajung.


Curg amândoi

Pașii tăi goi,

moartea oricui

ia nimănui



Ești, dar nu ești

Mori, dar trăiești

prea rezervat, atent machiat

când joci.


Ești, dar nu ești

Mori, dar trăiești

Fum amorțit

în somn nedormit



Crezi, dar  nu crezi

Te rogi, dar nu ierți

Gândul meu bun

E gând de nebun





The good thoughts


Must have been awake for days

Drawing circles

‘round my eyeball birds like flames

in darkness lurking

no hell worse than the one

you’ve left me with

no pain so real

like stones thrown at your teeth.


Must have had a different plan

Pick up the pieces

Stab me with each one and cry

Run to your leeches

Never learnt how fast “to trust”

Becomes “you must”

Every word that has been said

It caused such hurt and turned to hate instead.


Spare me the good thoughts

The good hearts and all their lies

Leave me forgive me

There’s no need to say you all tried.




All good


It s all good since we got nothing to prove

Big plans tend to get us confused

Buy me a soft drink and merely amused

I will grin at the people who will think I am used

To being so carefree by now.


It’s all good since we got nothing to lose

Choice free as in there’s  nothing to choose

Call me a cab and  I promise I’ll stay

Just far enough so you can  feel me each day

Despite of all the trouble I bring


So laugh if you think I’m lost

Leave  if you think you must

Cause I’ve been there

And   I’ve done it all before.

So hate ‘cause that is what you do

Bring out the best in you

Cause I am used

To being torn apart by you.




Lights & downers


feel the night your way

lights and downers 

neon darkened blue

so stay

closer to the walls

we’ll dance a waltz of glass

the hours dress

a fall.


Snake-like moving  time

You’re colored borderline

While mutiny will call.

Never to return

To lights and downers

All we’ve shaped and then disgraced

Will burn.


Chorus: Down with the lights and I’m feeling so tired

               Wish I had a friend that wasn’t a liar

               Must be a lot to expect these days

               When nobody gives a damn anyway

               Locked up here inside my head

               It kind of feels nice, almost as if I’d be dead.




Hope for fears


Buy yourself make-beliefs

Star as Christ, worldwide release.

Godlike clerks on my T.V.

Need you so, make myself sick.




Take what’s mine

Draw new lines

Hope for fears

Fade all colors into muddy grey

We might as well just be blown away.


Tape our moves

Watch us fade.

Read our thoughts

Write our fates.

Break our minds

Clean the slates.




Take what’s mine

Draw new lines

Hope for fears, battered choice,

Blank expressions for our souls.

We fade.






Cum de nu mă știi când mă vezi, în lumina grea

Cuvinte-n nesomn ca fluturi se sparg de retina ta

Şi doare să te simt trecând

Prin uşi de zahar brun şi cerul tău cafea.


Şi de-ar fi să știi cum te vezi în lumina grea

Ochiul absint şi mâinile reci, umbre-n podea

Ai vrea să te mai poți opri

Din somnul tău alb şi noaptea ta zi.


Dar e liniște acum, e liniște scrum

E liniște și-ai uitat.

Și e bine oricum în gândul tău scrum,

Amorțit lângă pat.

Fumul e ud, capul e surd,

dar e liniște acum.

Când orele zac, visele tac




Hold on


Can I hold to this one love

Till everything

Will go

Under veils of blinding terror

Such oblivion

To rule to drown our names

And scars.


Can we make it through the years

Keep each other close

Never  letting  go

Of what we feel

Of what we know it’s real

And ours alone.


Hold on tightly

Don’t you ever

Let this one go

Cause this is so alive.




Someone else


I just want to let you know

That this is over now

Tried so hard not to let it go

But it’s wrong somehow

It keeps on bringing me down.

Bringing me down….


Tied myself on to your waves

Hope I’d learn to swim

Thoughts colliding in a maze

 Till the lies seem real

All colors bright and clear



All you can say:

“It’s not the way

this was to end

so let’s stay friends”

no need to know

why people lie

why people go.


Felt so right to feel so low

In wounds of dark content

What’s the difference now you’re gone

I’m someone else

You’re someone else’s one.




Best regards



all my best regards to the man

in your bed

Must be time I let go and forget.



Just won’t do the trick

Won’t erase

What’s done

Will shape your regrets into none.


All lights are grey

When you know what they’ll say

“Forget and leave

Got nothing for you left to give”.



As the saddest look in your eyes

Slips away

Nothing to last, no one to stay.






Most of the time I sit

Quietly hidden under my bed

With this big shadow over my head

And a match I lit.


Past times we howled and danced

Silver wolves in our dreams

Bleedings with fangs our screams

Strolling thoughts in lack of confidence.





Bend me over the rim

Head will hit the ground

Your ghost next to mine

And we’ve been sucked inside

Everybody’s black hole mind

Yeah, we’ve been sucked inside

Everybody’s black hole mind.



The deep well


Comes like poison feels like hell

Disguised in shapes to make you well



Eats the brain and soaks your bones

‘till you forget to go back home



Numb the will and take the spin

Shift your layers vent your spleen



Not a friend ,not to yourself

So amused but soon distressed

Crumbling down.








Stare the hole of glass and burn

Crash again but never learn

When to stop.


Triggers all the worst in you

Reckless thoughts are shallow clues

To your abuse.