Traian T. Cosovei

(traducere de Mihai Vieru)


Between me
and the end of the winter
only you,
with your countenance
I am touching
as an undiscovered

Have you got the guts to say it, dare you?

In the new coming spring
the reptile pet shall be as pleased
the way we treat it.
Lovers in the mid winter
shall be offered to the cold
so the trees
won’t have anyone to bloom for.

Have you got the guts to say it, dare you?

It is only I
to expect a new winter,
murmuring a foreign anthem.



The morning that announcing
the incoming spring,
the last spring,
from the window of your attic
we see the town:

A cat tears
a homer.

It’s the homer
you taught
our country geography.



The botany lesson

How serious trees are in the first day of the spring!
And how primitive the leaves,
that remember the autumn within us, seem!


But the lanes are freshly swept by the street sweepers
and kissing goodbyes are more sincere this season!
Watch the trees: they are thinking about the snow children
and about leaves smelling vengeances.

Do you hear, my love
How trees are springing into blossom without a touch?



How come you turned so beautiful
in this very winter
that shall not snow?

if I were a secret
what would you do?
Keep me
or speak it out?



All night the strawberries wore war:
in the lumber room, on the kitchen table,
in the medicine locker in the bathroom –
they made a noisy mess and unspeakable perfume.

Until, the morning after, mother came
and turned them into roses jam.




I have business class dreams, thinking of you only.
-Since when do dreams think, sony boy?
-Ever since you’ve dressed as an avalanche,
waiting for its skiers.

Look, the winter morning light is freezing generous with us all!
Why can’t you snow, why don’t you make a hiss
of snowmen anymore?
Though, my love, why don’t you snow? Cry an avalanche
            over my shoulder
a dream of late.

I got it you lack in St-Bernard’s dogs
with their rum barrels
deserted pubs, good people, bad people and
            the drivers…
and the lies, that kept the place of roofs
and the unborn children hidden in the shade of courtains.

My love, why wake up a croc,
instead of turning it into a purse for life?!



One winter morning
you were sleeping so deep,
your breathing was unquieter
than the white of snow.

While I was watching you,
I pulled the red veils of cold.




It’s full moon on Mars
and a total eclipse of the sun on Earth.
I watch you eating a hungry strawberry
I protect and cerish and sing you.

Once you switched off the radio only your dress
remembered those quiet small points.
There was sadness in your eyes
in the end it had been proven Mars
to be yellow not red.

There was a silence that got you pregnant,
a pale ghost of a smile flourished your lips,///sint extrem de mindru de versul asta
and dark rings of drowned in tears speaking.

Now I know: I lied to you – your dress is red
and Mars is yellow. Whence the blue in
your eyes…

why are you crying in blue tears
            do you not see I am making noise?

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